3d Artist - Web Designer -Umar Abid


My name is Umar Abid and I am a 3d artist from the UK,Scotland,Glasgow.

Specializing in 3d max and offering 3D solutions at the highest level for all markets including film, broadcast, commercials, architectural, product visualization.

Can work solo or in conjunction with a network of similar artists.

I have always been a tech savvy person. I like to follow the advancement in computer technology through the help of social media and YouTube. I like how every year the advancement in computer technology gets pushed even further. This has resulted in the advancement of the computer games industry being pushed to deliver grand braking technology and advancement in the games industry.

Games have been part of life since I was a child. My first ever game console was Sega mega drive and I still have it. I can tell you the joy this Sega gave me as I was growing up and then Sony came to the market with ps1 which changed the history for games industry. This where it began for me as child playing these classic games.

I then left high school and started collage to learn how to makes games. I had two option the programing or 3d modelling and I chose to go down the 3d modelling road.

After two years of collage I was awarded HNC and HND in computer animation. Then I started my path to developing my 3d modelling skills in 3d max. Every year since I left collage my skills have progressed greatly over the years and have now reached a professional level.

I am also good at making WordPress websites. I also learned to secure WordPress sites as well. I also can create costume Qr Codes as well.

All Inquiry Welcome!

3d Skills

Autodesk 3ds Max 90%
Hard Surfacing 3d Modeling 95%
3d Modeling 100%
High Resolution 3D Modeling 95%

Web Development Skills

Wordpress Website Design 90%
Wordpress Security 90%
Mobile Websites 90%
Custom Qr Codes 100%

Software Used

3D Max 90%
Maya 40%
Keyshot 10%
Photoshop 10%
Corel Video Studio Pro X8 20%
After Effect 10%

Language skills

English 100%

3d Artist - Web Designer -Umar Abid
3d Artist - Web Designer -Umar Abid
3d Artist - Web Designer -Umar Abid
3d Artist - Web Designer -Umar Abid
3d Artist - Web Designer -Umar Abid

3d Artist - Web Designer -Umar Abid

3d Artist - Web Designer -Umar Abid